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Sunday, September 6, 2009

Workers of the World, UNITE!

Okay, I probably just got this blog placed on the Fox News Watch List for using the Soviet Union's state motto as the title of this entry. But seriously, it's Labor Day Weekend, and I wanted to do a little musical tribute to this Socialist holiday.

Notable first appearances on Burn and Shine include: Rush (still in their Cream phase, before Neil Peart steered them in a more progressive direction), Bobby Dylan, the Minutemen and the Clash. Some returning stars include the Beatles (how else could I have possibly started this compilation?), Elvis Costello and the Kinks (if you haven't already noticed, they are my favorite band).

Happy listening!

Workers of the World, UNITE!

01. The Beatles, “A Hard Day’s Night” [2:34]
02. They Might Be Giants, “Minimum Wage”[0:47]
03. Rush, “Working Man” [7:11]
04. Tina & Ike Turner, “Proud Mary”[3:33]
05. Bob Dylan, “Maggie’s Farm’ [3:54]
06. The Clash, “Career Opportunities”[1:53]
07. The Kinks, “Get Back in Line” [3:04]
08. Bruce Springsteen, “Factory” [2:20]
09. Modern Lovers, “Government Center” [2:03]
10. Minutemen, “Working Men Are Pissed” [1:19]
11. Daniel Johnson & Jad Fair, “First Day At Work”[3:03]
12. The Isley Brothers, “Work to Do” [3:11]
13. The Rolling Stones, “Luxury” [5:01]
14. Jimmy Reed, “Big Boss Man” [2:50]
15. Billy Bragg, “There is Power in a Union” [2:50]
16. Patty Smith, “Piss Factory” [5:03]
17. The Members, “Goodbye to the Job” [2:25]
18. The Jam, “Just Who is the 5 O’clock Hero” [2:15]
19. Todd Rundgren, “Bang the Drum All Day” [3:39]
20. Waco Brothers, “Plenty Tough and Union Made” [2:50]
21. Dave Edmunds, “Here Comes the Weekend” [1:59]
22. Elvis Costello, “Welcome to the Working Week” [1:23]
23. Uncle Tupelo, “Coalminers” [2:34]
24. Woody Guthrie, “Talking Hard Work” [3:26]
25. John Lennon, “Working Class Hero” [3:51]

Total Time: 1:14:58

Download it here: Workers of the World, UNITE!