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Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Halloween Music!

I can't believe it's been a year since I started posting these comps! Halloween is upon us, so I thought I'd dish out another platter of Ghoul-ly, Rock & Roll Goodness. I think I've come up with another interesting mix, though it does seem to be a little heavy on the Post-Punks (The Cure, Jazz Butcher, Joy Division, The Gun Club, Pixies, Opal and the Sound all make an appearance here!). What is it about that era and it's fascination with morbid themes?

One song from that era, which unfortunately will probably never make one of my Halloween comps is the supremely fabulous "Bela Legusi's Dead" by Bauhaus. This song still sounds ahead of (and somehow behind?) it's time, and it's even been called "Goth's 'Stairway to Heaven'". It probably won't make one of my comps, because it's nearly 10-minutes long. I have, however, posted it via the Youtube video above (it's not really a video, but it is the original version of the song from 1979).

Just in case you missed it last year, or you're just now stumbling upon this blog: I've re-upped the first volume of Candy Apples & Razor Blades. Feel free to slide on over to the original post if you'd like to download it: October 30, 2008

A few comments about CA&RB Vol. 2. I have three returning players from the first volume: Roky Erickson, The Misfits and Frank Black (though here he's with his band, Pixies). Making his first appearance at Burn and Shine is Warren Zevon. Though I've never been a huge fan, I've always had a soft spot for "Werewolves of London". Instead of using the definitive version, I used an alternate take that can be found on the rarities compilation, Preludes from 2007. I like the Hamlet quote that kicks it off, and I think the creepy background vocals on it are a nice touch. Okay, that's enough blabbing.

Happy Listening!

Candy Apples & Razor Blades Vol. 2: More Music for All Hallow's Eve:

01. "Bo Meets the Monster" by Bo Didley [3:03]
02. "Graveyard Orbit" by Crystal Stilts [3:26]
03. "Devil's Food" by Alice Cooper [3:35]
04. "Happy Nightmare Baby" by Opal [2:57]
05. "The Blood" by The Cure [3:43]
06. "Vampire" by Antsy Pants [1:20]
07. "Dawn of the Dead" by The Weakends [2:14]
08. "Black Candy" by Beat Happening [3:00]
09. "Children of the Grave" by Black Sabbath [5:18]
10. "Lil' Devil" by The Cult [2:44]
11. "Night of the Vampire" by Roky Erickson [4:19]
12. "Zombie Love" by The Jazz Butcher [3:56]
13. "Nightmares" by Jay Reatard [2:12]
14. "Dead Souls" by Joy Division [4:57]
15. "Ghost on the Highway" by The Gun Club [2:46]
16. "Evil Hearted You" by Pixies [2:37]
17. "Night of the Living Dead" by The Misfits [1:59]
18. "The Devil" by PJ Harvey [2:56]
19. "Pet Sematary" by The Ramones [3:30]
20. "Skeletons" by The Sound [3:27]
21. "Werewolves of London (Alternate Take)" by Warren Zevon [3:38]
22. "Bride of Frankenstein" by Toy Love [2:08]
23. "Zombie Zoo" by Tom Petty [2:56]
24. "Grave Robbers" by Mount Eerie & Julie Doiron [1:47]
25. "Halloween Parade" by Lou Reed [3:33]

Total Time: 1:18:05

Download it here: Candy Apples & Razor Blades Vol. 2: More Music For All Hallow's Eve

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Pip Squeak a Go-Go!

Someone just recently turned me on to Pancake Mountain. We don't actually get the show here in Chattanooga, but you can find a ton of stuff on YouTube or on their website: Panckake Mountain. Maria loves music, and I swear she made me watch the "Vowel Movements" video fourteen times in a row. Lucky for her, I love Ian MacKaye. Her favorite part is when the kids are rocking out:

Anywho, seeing that video reminded me that it had been a long time since I put together a kid's music disc. We've got several volumes around the house, and I generally like to pick stuff that adults and kids will enjoy equally. I'm big on bringing them the classics on these discs, but I'm also not afraid to use obscurities. Stuff that's fun to sing or reminds me of my own childhood also usually makes the cut. I think this one turned out pretty nice.

Happy Listening!

Pip Squeak a Go-Go!

01. Jason Ringenberg, "Get Up Up Up!" [1:38]
02. Bill Haley & His Comets, "(We're Gonna) Rock Around the Clock [2:11]
03. Feist, "1 2 3 4" [3:04]
04. Irma Thomas, "Break-A-Way" [2:34]
05. The Cyrkle, "Red Rubber Ball" [2:20]
06. Rick Springfield, "I've Done Everything For You" [2:44]
07. Pure Prairie League, "Amie" [4:22]
08. Joe D. Johnson, "Rattle Snake Daddy" [1:46]
09. Ben E. King, "Stand By Me" [2:58]
10. Traffic, "You Can All Join In" [3:37]
11. Creedence Clearwater Revival, "Cotton Fields" [2:54]
12. Brenton Wood, "Oogum Boogum Song" [2:30]
13. Sweet, "Funny Funny" [2:51]
14. Guided By Voices, "Teenage FBI" [2:54]
15. Talking Heads, "Road To Nowhere" [4:19]
16. Robyn Hitchcock & the Egyptians, "Balloon Man" [3:36]
17. Chris Kenner, "I Like It Like That" [1:58]
18. Chubby Parker, "King Kong Kitchie Kitchie Ki-Mi-O" [3:10]
19. The Foundations, "Build Me Up Buttercup" [2:59]
20. Wanda Jackson, "Let's Have a Party" [2:09]
21. Nina Simone, "My Baby Just Cares For Me" [3:03]
22. Dr. John, "Iko Iko" [4:10]
23. The Edsels, "Rama Lama Ding Dong" [2:28]
24. Shirley & Lee, "Let the Good Times Roll" [2:24]
25. Peter, Paul & Mary, "Leavin' On a Jet Plane" [3:27]

Total Time: 1:12:05

Download it here: Pip Squeak a Go-Go