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Sunday, January 16, 2011


Holy crap! Color me jealous. The Archers of Loaf played an unannounced show last night at the Cat's Cradle in Chapel Hill, NC. Hopefully this turns into a full on reunion. Here's a clip from last night's show:


laura said...

Fingers crossed that it's not just a one-off! Maybe the kick ass new Superchunk record roused them from their slumber. GbV was kick ass, of course. I'm still not fully recovered. Ugh.

Maximum Jack said...

Yeah, that Superchunk record is great-- probably should have been in my Top 10. My only complaint is a couple of those songs were on the EP from 2009. "Crossed Wires" was one of my faves from that year. "Digging For Something" was one of the last cuts I made when I put together this year's best of.