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Sunday, September 18, 2011

Psychedelic Sundaze #7

We are officially past the halfway point in our Tiny Purple Fishes series. Originally intended as a 12-part series, I decided to expand it by one more disc, so those of you who stick with it will get 13 volumes of TPF-- 260 tracks! A lot to chew on, which is why I decided to keep the individual discs at 20 tracks and about an hour. The goal was to sort of mimic the specialty show format on a college radio station. Though I wish I was able to broadcast a show, this method has its advantages. Namely, you don't have to listen to me babble.

Speaking of babbling, here are a few thought on this weeks compilation.

It may sound naive, but when I started compiling songs for this series, I really thought the U.K. would dominate. That does not seem to be the case. Once again the American bands outnumber the rest of the world on Volume VII. I guess it should make sense, as the U.S. is quite a bit larger than the U.K. There were so many bands making their own personal Psychedelic masterpieces across the U.S. and, in particular, California. Not to slight the U.K. as there was a lot going on there too, but it just seems like the U.K. bands are generally better known. I mean, why is it that having been an avid collector of Rock & Roll for most of my 43 years, that I only just recently discovered a band as great as Michigan's The Rationals?

Merrel Fankhouser is another American artist that should have been more successful. This is actually the second Fankhouser track on TPF: he was on last week's comp with his first band Fapardokly. There's also a John Uzonyi (of Peacepipe) and Steve Morgen (of Morgen), who might have been America's answer to Jimmy Page and Eric Clapton under different circumstances.

As for the well known British bands in this series, few are bigger than The Who. Probably not the first (or even the tenth?) band you would mention while discussing Psychedelia, but I challenge you to find a better example then "Disguises" by anyone else.

Happy Listening!

Tiny Purple Fishes: A Trip Through the First Psychedelic Era, Vol. VII

01. The Smoke [U.S.], “Cowboys and Indians” [1968]. U.S. (California)
02. The Who, “Disguises” [1966]. U.K. (England)
03. The Millenium, “There Is No More To Say” [1968]. U.S. (California)
04. Os Mutantes, “Panis et Circenses” [1968]. Brazil
05. Morgen, “Welcome To the Void” [1969]. U.S. (New York)
06. Joe Byrd & the Field Hippies, “You Can’t Ever come Down” [1969]. U.S. (California)
07. Lazy Smoke, “How Was Your Day Last Night” [1968]. U.S. (Massachusetts)
08. The Peanut Butter Conspiracy, “Living, Loving Life” [1968]. U.S. (California)
09. The Idle Race, “Morning Sunshine” [1968]. U.K. (England)
10. Lost & Found, “Let Me Be” [1968]. U.S. (Texas)
11. The Rationals, “Gave My Love” [1965]. U.S. (Michigan)
12. Kak, “Rain (Single Version)” [1969]. U.S. (California)
13. Peacepipe, “The Sun Won’t Shine Forever” [ca. 1970]. U.S. (California)
14. Merrel Fankhauser and (His Trusty) H.M.S. Bounty! “Madame Silky” [1968]. U.S. (California)
15. Rainbow Ffolly, “Sighing Game” [1968]. U.K. (England)
16. Lothar & The Hand People, “L-O-V-E (Ask For It By Name)” [1968]. U.S. (Colorado)
17. Mystic Siva, “Find Out Why” [1971]. U.S. (Michigan)
18. Hawkwind, “Children of Man” [1971]. U.K. (England)
19. Quicksilver Messenger Service, “Pride of Man” [1968]. U.S. (California)
20. The Smoke [U.K.], “Have Some More Tea” [1967]. U.K. (England)

Total Time: 1:00:24

Download it here: Tiny Purple Fishes, Vol. VII


Çağrı said...

Hi, this one is dead. Thanks for your mixes !

Maximum Jack said...

Yes, I got a takedown notice from Mediafire on this one. Apparently Hawkwind's lawyers don't want their songs being given away. I'm having some issues with my laptop currently. When I get those resolved, I will delete the song, add a new one and repost.