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Sunday, September 4, 2011

Psychedelic Sundaze #5

Happy Labor Day Weekend everyone! This week's disc kicks off with the Fourmyula, a great band from New Zealand who I only recently discovered. Apparently they were positively huge in their homeland, but they barely registered a blip anywhere else. Unfortunate, as they had a slew of singles that rivaled anything by the bands that dominated the U.S. charts during the British Invasion. "Come With Me", by the way, was their first single and it spent three weeks in the #2 slot in New Zealand.

One of the biggest bands to emerge from the L.A. scene finds a spot here. The Doors' "Take It As It Comes" is not very 'psychedelic', but it is is easily my favorite Doors' song. Manzarek's trademark keyboard sound is all over this one, even if it errs on the garage-side of psychedelia.

The Beatles make their second appearance on TPF, this time with the lovely George Harrison penned "Only a Northern Song".

Finally, this comp ends with a most unlikely choice. Cleveland's Mirrors are generally associated with the Proto-Punks. This track was released in 1975-- well outside what is generally considered the First Psychedelic Era. But "Shirley", the A-side of the only record released during the band's lifetime, channels the best of the original Psychedelic Era without sounding retro. The B-side, "She Smiled Wild" is a little more proto-punk (and I swear, some day I'm going to feature the Proto-Punks here at Burn and Shine!). If'n yer interested, check it out:

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Happy Listening!

Tiny Purple Fishes: A Trip Through the First Psychedelic Era, Vol. V

01. The Fourmyula, “Come With Me” [1968]. New Zealand
02. The Baroques, “Iowa, A Girl’s Name” [1967]. U.S. (Wisconsin)
03. Blues Magoos, “Love Seems Doomed” [1966]. U.S. (New York)
04. Caravan, “Ride” [1968]. U.K. (England)
05. Clear Light, “Sand” [1967]. U.S. (California)
06. Fever Tree, “Where Do You Go?” [1968]. U.S. (Texas)
07. The Charlatans, “I Saw Her” [1966]. U.S. (California)
08. The Guess Who, “Clock on the Wall” [1966]. Canada
09. Beau Brummels, “Magic Hollow” [1967]. U.S. (California)
10. Fapardokly, “Gone To Pot” [1966]. U.S. (California)
11. The Chocolate Watchband, “She Weaves a Tender Trap” [1966]. U.S. (California)
12. Gong, “Tried So Hard” [1971]. France/Australia/U.K. (England)
13. Elmer Gantry’s Velvet Opera, “What’s the Point of Leaving” [1968]. U.K. (England)
14. The Doors, “Take It As It Comes” [1967]. U.S. (California)
15. Lee Hazlewood, “In Our Time” [1967]. U.S. (Born in Oklahoma)
16. The Move, “Blackberry Way” [1968]. U.K. (England)
17. The Nice, “Daddy Where Did I Come From” [1968]. U.K. (England)
18. The Beatles, “Only a Northern Song” [1968]. U.K. (England)
19. The Lemon Drops, “Learn To Fly” [1968]. U.S. (Illinois)
20. Mirrors, “Shirley” [1975]. U.S. (Ohio)

Total Time: 59:48

Download it here: Tiny Purple Fishes, Vol. V

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