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Sunday, December 25, 2011

Burn and Shine's Top 30 of 2011.

Merry Christmas Folks!

Usually on or around Christmas Day I post a compilation with some of my favorite tunes of the year here at Burn and Shine. This year I squeezed 30 songs onto my year-end compilation. I did so by fudging it a bit. My #1, very favorite song of the year did not make the cut. The brilliant "Johnny Kwango" by the Bevis Frond is just over five minutes long, and I decided to put the nearly equally as awesome "More To This Than That" (it clocks in at 1:45!) on here so I could share a few more tracks from a great year. "Johnny Kwango" is featured in video form at the end of this post, if you'd like to hear it. I uploaded the clip to Youtube because nobody else had-- sorry for the intermittent zoom effect, I'm a complete novice when it comes to videos.

Because I've noticed that the number of Downloads is inversely proportional to the length of my blog post, I won't say much else about this compilation or the year in music except there were so many great releases this year, that I toyed with putting together two more comps. Maybe at some point those will make an appearance along with a list of my Favorite Albums of 2011. Enough babbling.

Happy Listening!

Burn and Shine's Top 30 of 2011:

01. The Bevis Frond, "More To This Than That"
02. The Decemberists, "Down by the Water"
03. Wild Flag, "Future Crimes"
04. Those Darlins, "Waste Away"
05. The Night Marchers, "All Hits"
06. The Bats, "It's Not the Same"
07. The Red Button, "Caught in the Middle"
08. Brilliant Colors, "Hey Dan"
09. Tommy Keene, "Deep Six Saturday"
10. R.E.M., "That Someone is You"
11. PJ Harvey, "The Last Living Rose"
12. Iceage, "You're Blessed"
13. Woods, "Any Other Day"
14. Surfer Blood, "Miranda"
15. Milk Music, "Out of My World"
16. Crystal Stilts, "Through the Floor"
17. Sonny & the Sunsets, "I Wanna Do It"
18. Jonny, "Candyfloss"
19. Ducktails, "Hamilton Road"
20. Motel Beds, "Surfjerk"
21. Dum Dum Girls, "Wrong Feels Right"
22. Vivian Girls, "I Heard You Say"
23. Tim Cohen, "Don't Give Up"
24. Army Navy, "Feathered"
25. Crooked Fingers, "Black Candles"
26. Times New Viking, "Ever Falling In Love"
27. La Sera, "I Promise You"
28. Shirk Circus, "Understanding"
29. Guided by Voices, "The Unsinkable Fats Domino"
30. J Mascis, "Too Deep"

Total Time 1:19:10

Download it here: Burn and Shine's Top 30 of 2011

And here's my Favorite Song of the year: "Johnny Kwango" by The Bevis Frond:


lolins said...

thanks for your effort to bring us the best tunes on the net and happy xmas for you and all the people u want the most.

Maximum Jack said...

You just made my already good day much better. Thanks.

IHateThe90s said...

Thanks, MJ! Gonna take a long listen to this on this rainy Saturday evening. Cheers to you! ~Michelle