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Sunday, December 22, 2013

The Death of Burn and Shine.

I guess I kinda kept everyone hanging, but as you probably surmised, this blog is now officially dead. I continue to make comps, but due to the problems with file sharing sites, this has become too much of a burden for me. I'll let the url live on, but I will not be making any more updates, nor will I post new links for comps. Thanks for reading.

Burn and Shine


Unknown said...

Well that's a shame, I just recently found this blog. Thanks for all the great comps, seems like for the moment most of them are still up.

Unknown said...

Thanks for all the music over the years! I missed getting your Xmas compilation this year. You were appreciated and will be missed!

bglobe313 said...

Very sad to hear this, but I fully understand. I was just now listening to American Jangle Vol. 1 and I thought I really ought to check back.

You made great comps. Especially admirable was that you went beyond the usual acclaimed classics and includes more obscure (to me!) tracks, without falling into the opposite snare of pursuing obscurity while diminishing quality!

Thanks a ton!


bglobe313 said...

Hey, if you're still out there, I'm listening to one of your Xmas comps. Typically great!

arthur2sheds said...

Hey MJ,

If you stumble across this, I'd urge you to check out the No Hipsters Allowed group on Facebook. Lot of cool music talk that's very reminiscent of The Stonecutters. I think you'd enjoy the level of discourse there.

Maximum Jack said...

Hey thanks for the heads up. My membership is pending.

arthur2sheds said...

It even has some famous members who post occasionally (John Wicks from the Records, Barrie Masters from Eddie and the Hot Rods, etc. The main guy Steve can be a bit prickly sometimes, and he seems to dump people on a whim, but there are a lot of good, intelligent folks there – and they really know their shit.