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Thursday, January 7, 2010

More Tunes From 2009.

It's snowing here in Chattanooga, and I found this random video of two dogs playing in the snow while matt pond PA's "Snow Day" is playing in the background. Great song, and, really, I can watch dogs play pretty much anytime.

As for today's blog entry, here are 50 more of my favorite tracks (in alphabetical by artist) from 2009 to keep you busy till that new Spoon record comes out in a couple of weeks (I got my 7" of "Written in Reverse" in the mail yesterday, yay!).

Happy Listening!

More from 2009:

01. “Everyone” by The Aliens
02. “Tenuousness” by Andrew Bird
03. “Epilepsy is Dancing” by Antony & the Johnsons
04. “Sheila” by Atlas Sound
05. “Slight Figure of Speech” by the Avett Brothers
06. “Ain’t Nothing Like You (Hoochie Coo) by Blakroc
07. “Jackie Wood” by Box Elders
08. “Absolutely Anything” by Brilliant Colors
09. “Replacing Aim with Danger” by Broadfield Marchers
10. “Pop Magic Fantastical Masterpiece” by Canadian Invasion
11. “At the Cut” by the Cave Singers
12. “Crows” by Clues
13. “Microphone” by Coconut Records
14. “Spoiled” by Conor Oberst
15. “High Horse” by Daniel Johnston
16. “Same As It Used To Be” by Dexateens
17. “Fables” by the Dodos
18. “When the Well Runs Dry” by Drive-By Truckers
19. “I Don’t Feel Anything” by the Dutchess and the Duke
20. “All When We Were Young” by the Felice Brothers
21. “Lust for Life” by Girls
22. “Good Morning Happiness” by Grant Lee Phillips
23. “Two Weeks” by Grizzly Bear
24. “They Might Come Back Club” by Hallelujah the Hills
25. “The Place Where We Lived” by Hayden

Total Time: 1:12:34

Download it here: More 2009

Still More from 2009:

01. “Day Before” by Hush Arbors
02. “Im Watching You” by Jay Reatard
03. “Tailor” by Julie Doiron
04. “Too Much Freedom” by Lou Barlow
05. “To Ohio” by the Low Anthem
06. “For Beginners by M. Ward
07. “Little Sad Eyes” by Magnolia Electric Co.
08. “Disappearing Act” by the Mantles
09. “Twenty Cycles to the Ground” by Molina & Johnson
10. “Oh Cody” by Nobunny
11. “Do I Know You” by Noise Addict
12. “Down the Drain” by Ovens
13. “1901” by Phoenix
14. “Leap Year” by Port O’Brien
15. “Suicide” by the Raveonettes
16. “Trash Talk” by Reigning Sound
17. “Hurry for the Sky” by Robyn Hitchcock
18. “Turn the Dirt Over” by Sea Wolf
19. “Dynamite” by Son Volt
20. “What We Know” by Sonic Youth
21. “Silver Moons” by Sunset Rubdown
22. “A Flag in the Court” by Thee Oh Sees
23. “When I Died” by the Thermals
24. “Summer Things” by Tyvek
25. “Nothing to Hide” by Yo La Tengo

Total Time: 1:10:05

Download it here: Still More 2009

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