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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Power Pop Girls: 1977-1984

[EDIT]August 21, 2011. I received a warning from DMCA for something on this post. Not sure if it was a song or the image I used, so I've just deleted both the cover art and the mediafire link. Apologies to my new readers, as this is one of my favorite comps[/EDIT]

Once again the tragic events of the last few days drastically overshadow any compilation that I might post here. I, like many of you, am deeply concerned with the ongoing tragedy in Japan. My heart hurts. As insignificant as this latest installment of Power Pop is, I thought it best to post it as I normally would have. Hopefully, some of the tunes on here might put a smile on your face.

Today's compilation overlaps the Birth of Power Pop series and Power Pop Explosion! It even jumps just ahead to the next, as yet unnamed Power Pop series, as it contains a couple of tracks from 1984.

Power Pop Girls: 1977-1984

01. Joan Jett & the Blackhearts, "Fake Friends" [1983]
02. The Shivvers, "Teen Line" [1980]
03. The Go-Go's, "Lust To Love" (Early Version) [1981]
04. Boy Trouble, "Party Girl" [1983]
05. Holly & the Italians, "I Wanna Go Home" [1981]
06. Catholic Girls, "Boys Can Cry" [1982]
07. Zodio Doze, "Americommandos" [1981]
08. City Thrills, "Dreamin" [1981]
09. The Bangles, "Tell Me" [1984]
10. Katrina & the Waves, "Game of Love" [1984]
11. Blue Shoes, "Better" [1980]
12. Bohemia, "Unconventional Boy" [1980]
13. The Cold, "You" [1980]
14. B-Girls, "Boys Are Drinking" [1980]
15. Numbers, "Five Letter Word" [1980]
16. Let's Active, "Blue Line" [1984]
17. Poptarts, "Words" (Alternate Version) [1980]
18. The Shirts, "Love is Fiction" [1979]
19. Blondie, "(I'm Always Touched By Your) Presence Dear" [1977]
20. The Pandoras, "He's Not Far" [1984]
21. Beex, "Beat Beat" [1980]
22. Nikki & the Corvettes, "Just What I Need" [1980]
23. Robin Lane & the Chartbusters, "When Things Go Wrong" [1980]
24. Kirsty MacColl, "Clock Goes Round" [1981]
25. The Pretenders, "Kid" [1980]

Total Time: 1:14 14

File Deleted by request.

T. Remley once again has come up with some awesome artwork for this one:

Images deleted by request.

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oldsoftballdude08 said...

Cool stuff as always. Don't stop.

rem2rigs said...

Thank you!!

I agree with oldsoftballdude08.....

Maximum Jack said...

I just added R2R's Artwork to this post. Thanks!