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Monday, March 21, 2011

The Trick!

A few weeks ago, I posted a poll here at Burn and Shine, where I asked you all to pick the most important Power Pop Band of the Eighties. Forty-six of you voted and Cheap Trick finished a few votes ahead of the Plimsouls in first place. As an added bonus during this Power Pop frenzy I've got going on, I decided to devote two compilations to one of the greatest American Rock & Roll bands evah-- Cheap Trick.

I was going through John Borack's Power Pop book, Shake Some Action: The Ultimate Power Pop Guide, and noticed his list of 20 favorite Cheap Trick songs. There were a couple on there that I didn't have (off some of their mid-period albums) so I tracked them all down and made the playlist. I only made two changes. "I Can't Take it" from Next Position Please made the first volume of Power Pop Explosion! 1980-1983, so I took the liberty of substituting "Downed", which would be in my personal Top Five Cheap Trick tracks. The second change is a little more subtle. I decided to use the "No Strings Version" of "Dream Police" which is found on the Cheap Trick Box Set, Sex America Cheap Trick, and is, in my opinion, vastly superior to the album version. There's nothing newer than 1997's Self-titled album on this playlist. Next week I'll post a companion compilation to this one covering the same era. Stay tuned . . .

Happy Listening!

Ooh La La: 20 Cheap Tricks to Die For [Compiled by John Borack, mostly]

01. He's a Whore
02. If You Want My Love
03. Surrender
04. Invaders of the Heart
05. Voices
06. She's Tight
07. Downed
08. Dream Police (No Strings Version)
09. Just Got Back
10. Baby Loves to Rock
11. Southern Girls
12. Next Position Please
13. Shelter
14. California Man (Move cover)
15. You're All I Wanna Do
16. Tonight It's You
17. I Want You To Want Me (Live)
18. Had to Make You Mine
19. Never Had a Lot to Lose
20. Hello There

Total Time: 1:10:39

Download it here: Ooh La La: 20 Cheap Tricks to Die For [Compiled by John Borack, mostly]


sherri said...

just got back always makes me so happy. and a gazillion more of their songs. nice comp!

bglobe313 said...

Hey, special thanks and here's why:

What's weird is how often you are thinking of something in some degree between vaguely and definitely, and then you are crusing the tubes of the internet and there it is.

In this very particular case, because one of the local oldies stations has on its current rotation that famous live "I Want You To Want Me" I have been thinking about compiling my favorite Cheap Trick tracks.

Well, these might not be exactly what I would have chosen, but this is getting there (including "Southern Girls" for example, not found on the usual "hits" comp), so another amazing coincidence of the interweb mind.

And a hearty thanks to you1

Ace K.

Maximum Jack said...

Ace K, don't forget to grab volume 2!