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Friday, April 1, 2011

April Fool.

I know I promised a companion compilation to last week's Cheap Trick playlist, and it is ready to go. I will probably put it up in the next week or so. Meanwhile, I found a 20 track disc in my car that I had put together last year around this time titled "April Fool". I had totally forgotten about it. I popped it in, and really enjoyed it, though there was a track on it, which I had just used in the Power Pop Explosion series (The Yachts' "A Fool Like You"). So I went back to the drawing board and fleshed it out a bit. While it's not strictly a Power Pop compilation, there are quite a few Power Pop acts on here. Not surprisingly, given the theme, there is also a good bit of classic R&B. A dose of garage, a pinch of punk, a little indie-rock, and a sprinkle of Lee Hazlewood, and there you have it. Oh, and a mystery track! Burn and Shine, what will you think of next?

Happy April Fool's day everybody!

April Fool

01. Superchunk, "Like a Fool"
02. The Bobby Fuller Four, "Fool of Love"
03. Sam Cooke, "Fool's Paradise"
04. Oxford Circle, "Foolish Woman"
05. Ike & Tina Turner, "A Fool in Love"
06. Let's Active, "Mr. Fool"
07. Elvis Costello, "You Little Fool"
08. The Last, "Fool Like You"
09. Blur, "Fool"
10. DM3, "Foolish"
11. MG & the Escorts, "A Somebody Fool"
12. The Searchers, "She Made a Fool Out of You"
13. Pat Ferguson, "Fool I Am"
14. Lee Hazlewood, "Whe a Fool Loves a Fool"
15. M. Ward, "Fool Says"
16. Eagles of Death Metal, "Now I'm a Fool"
17. Ronnie Lane, "April Fool"
18. All, "Fool"
19. Nick Lowe, "Man of a Fool"
20. Teenage Fanclub, "Everybody's Fool"
21. The Names, "Baby You're a Fool"
22. Larry Saunders, "All My Friends Call Me a Fool"
23. The Black Hollies, "(Baby) I'm Your Fool"
24. Sex Clark Five, "Fool I Was"
25. Bad Religion, "1000 More Fools"
26. Mystery Track

Total Time: 1:13:05

Download it here: April Fool


oldsoftballdude08 said...

Cool concept here. Can't believe nobody has left a message. I enjoy a little interaction, conversation. I really like the power pop stuff, and on that note , I was listening again to the Birth Of Power Pop stuff again yesterday and it's really good stuff. I like how you don't take the most obvious already comped stuff and run with it. I appreciate your work and the people who do artwork for you on occasion. BOPP didn't have any artwork did it?

Maximum Jack said...

Thanks OSBD! The only 'artwork' for the first Power Pop series was the pic that I came up with that I used on all of those posts.