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Sunday, August 28, 2011

Psychedelic Sundaze #4

Okay, we're back to a mostly evenly split compilation between the U.S. and the U.K. with one Dutch band thrown in for good measure. Interestingly, we also get our first Scottish artist represented on TPF: Donovan. Actually that's not quite true, as I know that Cream's Jack Bruce is Scottish but I put Cream down as English, because they formed in London. France also makes an appearance, in quite an interesting way.

If you do not know the story behind Philippe Debarge, then by all means check it out over at Technicolor Web of Sound. The short and the skinny of the story is that Debarge had some money and he befriended The Pretty Things and funded a fantastic album, on which he sang and the Pretties backed him up. Sounds like a recipe for disaster but Debarge can really hold his own behind the microphone.

Vol. IV's cover boys, The Yardbirds, are most famous for producing three of most innovative guitarists of the Rock & Roll era. Their real ace in the hole, might have been original member, bassist/composer Paul Samwell-Smith, who co-wrote many of the Yardbirds' finest tunes including the one featured here from Roger the Engineer, which would be the last Yardbirds' album before his departure.

This edition of TPF kicks off with a band that actually gained some notoriety by sharing their name with a much more famous band. In 1991, I had never heard of the original Nirvana, but I remember reading that there was a psychedelic band from the U.K. which had already used the name. It was probably 10 years later before I actually heard The Story of Simon Simopath, which is one of the earliest examples of a Concept Album. A great album in its own right.

Happy Listening!

Tiny Purple Fishes: A Trip Through the First Psychedelic Era, Vol. IV

01. Nirvana (U.K.), “Pentecost Hotel” [1967]. U.K. (England)
02. Mighty Baby, “Egyptian Tomb” [1969]. U.K. (England)
03. The Misunderstood, “My Mind” [1966]. U.S. (California)
04. Tyrannosaurus Rex, “Chariots of Silk” [1969]. U.K. (England)
05. The Red Krayola, “Green of My Pants” [1969]. U.S. (Texas)
06. The Rising Storm, “Frozen Laughter” [1967]. U.S. (Massachusetts)
07. Billy Nicholls, “Would You Believe? [1968]. U.K. (England)
08. The Outsiders, “It Seems Like Nothing’s Gonna Come My Way Today” [1968]. Holland
09. The Yardbirds, “He’s Always There” [1966]. U.K. (England)
10. The Mystery Trend, “What If I [1966]. U.S. (California)
11. The Mystic Tide, “Why” [1965]. U.S. (New York)
12. The Tremeloes, “What a State I’m In” [1966]. U.K. (England)
13. The Mojo Men, “Evelyn Hope” [1968]. U.S. (California)
14. Donovan, “Super Lungs” [1966]. U.K. (Scotland)
15. The Velvet Underground, “Sunday Morning” [1967]. U.S. (New York)
16. Philippe Debarge w/ The Pretty Things, “All Gone Now” [1969]. France/U.K. (England)
17. Eric Burdon & the Animals, “No Self Pity” [1968]. U.K. (England)
18. Fifty Foot Hose, “If Not This Time” [1968]. U.S. (California)
19. The Moody Blues, “Peak Hour” [1967]. U.K. (England)
20. Index, “Rainy Starle” [1968]. U.S. (Michigan)

Total time: 59:58

Download it here: Tiny Purple Fishes, Vol. IV


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