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Sunday, October 2, 2011

Psychedelic Sundaze #9

This volume of Tiny Purple Fishes is easily the most varied, in terms of number of countries represented, so far. While England and the U.S. still dominate, there are no less than five other countries represented: The Netherlands, Northern Ireland, Peru, Scotland and Wales. As I've said before, when putting these comps together I try not to consider countries of origin for the artists represented on each edition. I do consider other things, such as trying not to put too many well known artists on one compilation or grouping together bands whose names are similar (check out the three "Smoke" bands on TPF #7 or the two "Elastic/k" bands on this week's disc).

In addition, I find it interesting that three of the American bands here have ties to Oregon. In fact, Oregon actually outnumbers New York on this comp and has just as many bands represented as California. In recent years, Portland has garnered a lot of attention as a hip place for indie bands to relocate to, but it has a rather long history of great Rock & Roll, which may have all started with this great garage band.

Happy Listening!

Tiny Purple Fishes: A Trip Through the First Psychedelic Era, Vol. IX

01. Hunger, “Colors” [1969]. U.S. (Oregon)
02. The Golden Earrings, “You Break My Heart” [1966]. The Netherlands
03. Pink Floyd, “See Emily Play” [1967]. U.K. (England)
04. Sam Gopal, “Midsummer Night’s Dream” [1969]. U.K. (England)
05. New Dawn, “Dark Thoughts” [1970]. U.S. (Oregon)
06. Blue Öyster Cult, “Then Came the Last Days of May” [1972]. U.S. (New York)
07. Left Banke, “Lazy Day” [1967]. U.S. (New York)
08. Them, “You Just Can’t Win” [1965]. U.K. (Northern Ireland)
09. The Serpent Power, “Gently, Gently” [1967]. U.S. (California)
10. The Stowaways, “Just a Toy” [1967]. U.S. (North Carolina)
11. Laghonia, “Someday” [1971]. Peru
12. One In a Million, “Double Sight” [1967]. U.K. (Scotland)
13. The Leaves, “Codine” [1967]. U.S. (California)
14. The Summer Sounds, “Small World” [1969]. U.S. (Massachusetts)
15. The Elastik Band, “The Darkest Corner” [ca. 1967]. U.S. (California)
16. Elastic Band, “Crabtree Farm” [1969]. U.K. (Wales)
17. Van Dyke Parks, “Palm Desert” [1968]. U.S. (Born in Mississippi)
18. The End, “Dreamworld” [1969].
19. Paul Revere & the Raiders, “Get Out of My Mind” (Demo Version) [ca. 1967]. U.S. (Idaho/Oregon/California)
20. Black Sabbath, “Planet Caravan” [1970]. U.K. (England)

Total Time: 59:59

Download it here: Tiny Purple Fishes, Vol. IX

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