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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Back to Zero Now.

In conjunction with Power Pop Month, I've been going through John Borack's lists and finding stuff to listen to. I've been picking stuff that I haven't heard in a long time or maybe never really gave a proper chance. A couple of days ago I popped-in Tommy Keene's Songs From the Film. I've liked TK ever since the first time I heard "Places Are Gone" about twenty years ago, but I've never really loved his work. Every so often he puts out a record, and I generally find them pleasant (last year's In the Late Bright made my top 30 for '09).

Listening to SFtF this time, however, it really clicked. Not only is this album one of the great Power Pop records of the 80s, it might be one of the truly great albums of the 20th Century (technically, I think it's a compilation, especially the version I own which has an EP tacked on from the same era). It is still available from many of your favorite download stores (boo!), but it is in desperate need of a physical reissue. I've added TK to my running list of Power Pop artists who deserve the box set treatment (check out one of the gadgets in the top right corner). Much of Keene's back catalog is either long out of print or only available as digital downloads. Many of his early records fetch ridiculous prices on Ebay. Seriously, shouldn't that be the tip-off? Re-release this stuff, ASAP!

I found a slew of live videos from this era of Keene's career. I wish they were numbered in order, I'll just put a couple of them up and if you're interested head on over to Youtube to check out the rest (search "Tommy Keene Live March 1986").

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Maximum Jack said...

Update on the Tommy Keene front. Apparently, Second Motion will be releasing a two-disc, career-spanning retrospective compilation titled You Here Me on May 18th! Here's the website: http://secondmotionrecords.com/

Though they don't have any more details, I've got a source who mentioned it will have at least two previously unreleased tracks. Perhaps a box set is in the works?