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Monday, February 8, 2010

Some Good Power Pop Reading.

We're officially entering the second week of Power Pop Month here at Burn and Shine. So far it has been a ton of fun, and a tremendous success. So keep coming back and feel free to leave me comments or send me emails. I'm always looking for recommendations, and unlike some of the other full-time, Power Pop Bloggers: I haven't heard everything. So if you have a favorite Power Pop record-- especially if it was released in the '70s-- let me know about it!

Today I wanted to draw your attention to a fantastic online resource. A few years ago Magnet Magazine put out a tremendous issue devoted to American Power Pop:

If you missed this issue in print form, the good folks at Magnet have put all of the Power Pop related articles from that issue online. So if you want a quick history lesson, head on over there: Shake Some Action: An Intro to Magnet's History of American Power Pop.

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bglobe313 said...

I would guess you and many readers of this blog who are power pop fans know that the cover is a direct "homage" (that is, copy) of a famous Bomp! magazine cover. That issue of Bomp! pretty much defined the canon of power pop.

Let me know if you want to know more about that issue.

Ace K.