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Saturday, February 27, 2010

Twenty for Tennessee.

My last geographical tribute goes to my home state, and it takes the form of a playlist. Since we had a Nashville compilation yesterday, I stayed away from the Music City with one exception (the incomparable Who Hit John of course!). The Shazam also makes another appearance, but they're really from Johnson City. It's dominated by Knoxville bands, most likely because I lived there for about nine years. I know a lot of the people in those bands, and I didn't ask any of them if it was okay to put their songs up (not even the one penned by Mrs. Maximum Jack!). Apologies to anyone who might not think it's cool. Let me know and I'll take it down immediately. Hopefully, those of you who are diehard Power Pop enthusiasts will find a few unknown treats on here. The Taoist Cowboys or Smokin' Dave for instance, who should have been much bigger. Apologies to any band I missed. Enough babbling, and on to the compilation.

Happy Listening!

Tom Pappas (Flying) of Superdrag and Flesh Vehicle and Don Coffey, Jr of Superdrag and Producer extrodinaire (Drumming) pictured!

Tennessee Power Pop!

01. "Remain Yer Strange" by Superdrag (Sam Powers)
02. "Every Summer" by Smokin' Dave & the Premo Dopes
03. "Amy 88" by the V-Roys
04. "Super Tuesday" by the Shazam
05. "I'll Cry" by Reigning Sound
06. "American Chrome" by Stewart Pack
07. "Motley Who" by The High Score
08. "I've Got a Way" by The Scruffs
09. "Something to Let You Down" by Mic Harrison
10. "In the Street" by Big Star
11. "It's So Hard" by Geisha
12. "Steppin' Out" by The French Broads
13. "Ready to Go" by The Faults
14. "Back With You" by The Taoist Cowboys
15. "Singing in Your Ear" by Flesh Vehicle
16. "California Waiting [EP Version]" by Kings of Leon
17. "I Know a Place" by Jay Reatard
18. "Andrea" by Westside Daredevils
19. "Fan Club" by Who Hit John
20. "Lighting the Way" by Superdrag

Total Time: 58:40

Download it Here: Tennessee Power Pop!


laura said...

Take home a package of Tennessee Pride!

Maximum Jack said...

You see, I'm not good at comp titles. That would have been perfect.

S Carpenter said...

Like it!