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Friday, February 26, 2010

Release Date Pushed Back Until February 28.

Only two days left in Power Pop Month, it's been a fun ride. All kinds of milestones here at Burn and Shine. So I thought I'd share those with you:

01. I've had my first spammer.
02. Three of my comps have gone Gold (for downloads of 100 or more!).
03. The number of my Followers has more than doubled.
04. I'm pretty sure I've also more than doubled the number of hits I've received since the existence of the blog.
05. I had more blog entries for the month of February then I did for 2007, 2008 and 2009 combined.

Many of you are tuning in today because today's the day #6 in the BoPP series is supposed to come out. I decided the final compilation needed to wait until Sunday, so come on back in two days. I promise it will be posted nice and early-- then I get to take a break until St. Patrick's Day.

But don't fret, I've got a nice little surprise: another out of print Power Pop compilation! This time it's from the spectacular Not Lame Recording Company. I've done a little recon, and I can't find this anywhere in the blogosphere, and it has become quite a collectible among Power Pop fans. In 1998, NL set out to document the very fertile pop scene in Nashville, TN. They called the compilation Nashpop, and it has 18 tracks, with nary a throwaway to be found. From the liner notes by Derek Scott:

The Range of bands represented here reveal the many facets of Nashville's pop community, everything from the airy sophistication of Swan Dive to the charming garage pop of the Luxury Liners; the explosive entergy of Joe Marc's Brother and Who Hit John to the well crafted works by Owsley, Doug Powell and Bill Lloyd. And every week new acts emerge to reinforce the sense that something truly special is going on in Music City . . . And it isn't Country!

Too many highlights to mention them all. One song, Swag's "Everyday is Christmas" has already been featured here at Burn and Shine on Christmas Redux Two. I can't believe I've never used any of the others. Anywho, Here's the track listing and artwork (enjoy!):

Nashpop: A Nashville Pop Compilation (NL - 046)

1. Contact High - Bill Lloyd
2. Suzie Failed the Acid Test - Who Hit John
3. Beautiful Excuse - Swan Dive
4. I Hate That Song - The Shazam
5. Sonny Boy - Owsley
6. Penelope Wilde - Idle Jets
7. She's So Clean - Millard Powers
8. Torn - Doug Powell
9. Paper Star - Neilson Hubbard
10. Feel - Joe, Marc's Brother
11. Anything You Say - Ross Rice
12. If I Cry - The Luxury Liners
13. Spirit of '76 - The Rayon City Quartet
14. Christina - Idle Jets
15. Congratulations - Who Hit John
16. Second Hand Man - John Keaney
17. How Can We Go On? - Bill Lloyd
18. Everyday Is Christmas - Swag

Download it Here: Nashpop


laura said...

I love those Idle Jets songs so much--even more when I think about singer/guitarist Pat Buchanan as the touring guitarist for Cameo. Word Up. Anyhow, usually these comps have at least a coupla duds, but not here. This is an awesome record. As the dad of Who Hit John's guitar player has said to me many times, "Am I biased? Yes. But am I right? Yes."

piratecyan said...

Greetings from Australia, have download this one and the Tennessee one. Always though it was mostly country type stuff from your way. What an epiphany!!!
I do my own Power Pop type comps that I give my mates and I'm certainly cherry picking a few of yours for it. Love Doug Powell's song. I'm up to Vol 8 of my comps. Do a Folkways comp too and am up to 13 on that, Lots of Horslips and related. Thanks a lot mate.